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Scholarship ProgramGE Company Polska and the Warsaw Institute of Aviation offer a Scholarship Program to commemorate the victims of the Smolensk crash. The scholarship is financed from a special grant that GE Aviation and GE Energy funded after the tragedy to be used for a cause benefiting Polish citizens. The Warsaw Institute of Aviation matched that grant with additional funding, increasing the total amount.

The scholarship’s name refers to Justyna Moniuszko, one of the victims of the Smolensk crash. She studied at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering (MEiL) of the Warsaw University of Technology and was also an intern at the Engineering Design Center.

EDC Scholarship Program is addressed to the students of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. The goal of the scholarship is not only financial support but also popularization of the engineering culture among students by enabling them to participate in internships, meetings with engineers and career development trainings.

A specially organized committee evaluates all applications and selects the best students for the program. So far, 14 scholarship rounds have been granted to the winner applicants. We would like to inform that in 2015 we decided to extend the Scholarship Program for the next years and increase amount of award to 6500PLN / semester. The 22nd winner applicant was selected to the program in April 2017. Thank you for all applications to the 14th edition of the scholarship! We are now waiting for applications to the 15th edition from October 23rd till November 5th 2017.