GE Transportation has been a part of EDC since 2007, but not until the beginning of 2016 has it become a separate business. The EDC part of GE Transportation operates in the railroad industry, focusing on modeling long-term contracts and providing service support for locomotive fleets around the globe, e.g. in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, and Kazakhstan.

The team’s work is based on analysis of cost and operational data from the field as well as maintenance events data such as date, length, and repaired or replaced components. Team members use it to predict life of locomotives’ parts, optimize the process of maintenance and maintain long-term fleet contracts in the most precise way possible. At GE Transportation, we are looking to provide data-based innovations to the railway sector that will improve productivity, reliability, velocity and safety. Big data has jumpstarted a revolution across multiple business sectors and GE Transportation is dedicated to ensuring that our railway customers are onboard.

GE Transportation is a global digital industrial leader and supplier to the rail, mining, marine, stationary power, drilling and energy storage industries. Established more than a century ago, GE Transportation is a division of the General Electric Company that began as a pioneer in passenger and freight locomotives. That innovative spirit still drives GE Transportation today.

  • 12/13/2017First Boeing 737 MAX with our LEAP-1B engines landed at Okęcie We are pleased to inform that on Saturday, December 2nd, first out of six Boeings 737 MAX with our LEAP-1B Engines (SP-LVA) landed at the Okęcie airport. Currently LOT is flying this aircraft to London 3 times per day.   Thanks to the engines designed at EDC, MAX is much quieter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than any other aircraft of its class available on the market. LEAP-1Bs allow Boeings 737 MAX for 15% lower fu...more >>
  • 12/06/2017GE Day took place at the Gdańsk University of Technology Last week, on November 29th, representatives of BHGE Warsaw and BHGE Elbląg met with the students of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Those students are thinking about continuing their education on the graduate specialization of the Subsea Technologies at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology. The meeting – GE Day – took part for the fifth time as the part of a special cooperation between EDC and the University of Technology...more >>