LMS100-PB DLE 450x350GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power portfolio of innovative solutions gives businesses and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power at or near the point of use, at anytime–on the grid or off it. Our product portfolio features aeroderivative gas turbines, Jenbacher gas engines, and Waukesha gas engines ranging from 100 kW-100 MW.

Distributed Power provides a wide range of customers from industrial businesses and developing communities to government agencies managing disaster relief and other emergency power situations – with the ability to generate reliable, sustainable power whenever and wherever it is needed.

The DP engineering team at the EDC is one of two primary European offices and covers all aspects of the product life cycle from new product sales through detailed design all the way to services engineering, including an array of unique and specialized roles.

Specifically the organization comprises of the following teams:

  • Applications Engineering holds full technical ownership of the new unit sales process for Aeroderivative gas turbines in the EMEA region including scope definition, customer meetings and cost budgeting
  • Design & Development Engineering – our largest team is responsible for engineering functions for both Jenbacher gas engines and aeroderivative gas turbine packaging including acoustics, CFD and structural, reciprocating engine design, fuels applications engineering, controls engineering, mechanical & electrical package design and manufacturing support
  • Gas Turbines – a sister organization to the Aviation PEC, the gas turbines team designs, analyzes and develops aeroderivative engine components for our LM2500, LM6000 and LMS100 product lines. Roles include mechanical design product definition and structural analysis
  • Product Fulfillment Engineering is focused on delivery of project specific design and documentation including support of manufacturing operations in Budapest for TM2500, LM2500 and LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines as well with performance guarantees estimation in ITO phase
  • Product Service Engineering – in the region for the region. PSE covers all aspects of gas turbine customers operational experience, focused on resolving fleet and customer issues, performing investigations when things go awry as well as ensuring technical excellence in the Installation & Commissioning phase of projects
  • Reliability Center of Excellence analyzes various sources of data with the aim of providing multiple organizations with valuable insights on the reliability and performance of our fielded units across Jenbacher and Gas Turbine fleets



9FBGT 450x350Gas Turbine Center: Gas Power Systems and Power Services

Operating at EDC since 2007, the team had been focused mainly on Heavy Duty Gas Turbines. Since the beginning of 2016, after the opening of Gas Turbine Center, some serious changes have occurred and the growth of the team really sped up. Not only the HD part grew, but also Aeroderivative Gas Turbines joined, becoming one of the two main focuses.

Engineers working at Gas Power Systems and Power Services businesses have a unique opportunity to be gathered around a very special place – Gas Turbine Center. The modern facility allows for the synergy of both design and operating teams in one place. The state-of-the-art equipment of the GT Center allows simulation of gas turbines’ work, training service activities, testing designed components and investigating virtually every aspect of the whole product life-cycle onsite.

The Gas Turbine Center team operates in the two main areas: heavy duty and Aeroderivative gas turbines. Heavy duty units supply whole agglomerations with megawatts of energy. Aeroderivatives serve in places that are in need of quicker-to-set and more accessible energy sources, though not that much powerful. In both areas EDC engineers cover the whole process, from product definition, new product implementation, through service, and modification and upgrade of existing power plants.

Gas Turbine Center, with its gas turbine simulator, is also a training center dedicated to client and sales support. It enables development of inspection techniques, supports cooperation with technical universities and science institutes, and can be a perfect base for technical conferences and seminars. What’s more, it is a center of 3D print and innovation for energy products. The multidisciplinary character of the facility allows for the full development of power supplies. Therefore it is the true center of energy excellence.

  • 12/13/2017First Boeing 737 MAX with our LEAP-1B engines landed at Okęcie We are pleased to inform that on Saturday, December 2nd, first out of six Boeings 737 MAX with our LEAP-1B Engines (SP-LVA) landed at the Okęcie airport. Currently LOT is flying this aircraft to London 3 times per day.   Thanks to the engines designed at EDC, MAX is much quieter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than any other aircraft of its class available on the market. LEAP-1Bs allow Boeings 737 MAX for 15% lower fu...more >>
  • 12/06/2017GE Day took place at the Gdańsk University of Technology Last week, on November 29th, representatives of BHGE Warsaw and BHGE Elbląg met with the students of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Those students are thinking about continuing their education on the graduate specialization of the Subsea Technologies at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology. The meeting – GE Day – took part for the fifth time as the part of a special cooperation between EDC and the University of Technology...more >>
  • 11/28/2017Test rig in EDC Component Test Lab is equipped with new gearbox As a result of jointed effort of EDC engineers from Component Test Lab (CTL) and Mechanical Systems teams, on Monday, November 20th, our test rig was equipped with new multiplication gearbox. Our engineers were engaged in the design process supporting the supplier. They also witnessed the initial test at the supplier site to minimalize the operational risk and to ensure that the gearbox will meet the design intend. Consequently, after over a y...more >>
  • 11/06/2017EDC at Pitch Bootcamp On October 29th, EDC took part in the Pitch Bootcamp event held at the Google Warsaw Campus. The event was organized by the IAESTE Student Association (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience). Pitch Bootcamp is an international career accelerator and case study for students, with 93 editions already in more than 17 countries. Over 9500 students and 1350 companies took part in the event, which re...more >>
  • 11/02/2017EDC organizes a contest for MEiL students and researchers We are pleased to inform that EDC organizes a GE Challenge for students-scientists, researchers, scientific circles and PhD students. It will start on December 1st and will be held in cooperation with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. The aim of this contest will be to promote talented young scientists. Participants will look for unconventional solutions that can contribute to the developmen...more >>