At the moment EDC Oil & Gas consists of 480 engineers. They are professionally engaged in designing, analysis and support for various types of compressors, gas and steam turbines for mechanical drives, power and cogeneration application, turbo expanders for energy recovery, auxiliary systems and subsea production systems.

EDC Oil & Gas teams work in four major fields:

  • Subsea SystemsSubsea Production Systems, Manifolds and Connection Systems, Controls and Service
  • Turbomachinery SolutionsGas Turbines (Design, Package & Installation, Analyses, Manufacturing Support), System Operability, Services Engineering
  • Downstream Technology SolutionsDTS Reciprocating Compressors & Small Centrifugals (Design, NPI & Cost-Out, Functional and Manufacturing Support), Services Engineering
  • Advanced TechnologyConceptual Design, Materials Engineering, Aero Design, Heat Transfer, High Pressure Tests

GE’s Oil & Gas business is a leader in the development and delivery of advanced products and services for the global oil and gas industry. As a consequence of the rapid expansion of its technology base, GE Oil & Gas is capable of addressing the largest and most complex engineering and application challenges entirely from its own worldwide resources. No matter if it’s the world’s largest LNG compression trains, re-injection of high sulfur gas, enhancing the safety and productivity of the world’s oil and gas pipelines, or equipment for the production of oil and gas from harsh environments, GE is leading the charge.