EDC Aviation – GE design office – concentrates its efforts on delivering reliable and competitive product such as jet engines, helicopter engines, marine engines, as well as stationary engines. People at EDC come from a variety of best Polish and foreign technical universities and have been chosen during a thorough and carefully planned recruitment process.

EDC is a design center – we work on new ideas which are later on implemented into engine. When the design has been approved we overview introduction to manufacturing and take responsibility for the quality of the parts made by different vendors all over the world. Moreover, we take care of test planning and oversee when the engine is already running during the test. Our final responsibilities include monitoring the engine fleet behavior to deliver a reliable product for the global economy.

We are currently involved in all commercial product development carried out by GE Aviation. Our involvement starts with very large engines like world highest thrust GE90-115B, through CFM56 which is currently world most popular flown engine family ending with latest HF120 business engine developed in cooperation with HONDA.

Those engines not only power world biggest aircraft A380 but also are being used in a rescue helicopters all over the world.

Working within Aviation gives us the opportunity to contribute to non-flying GE Aviation engines called Land Marine (LM). Many of those have been used on big cruise ships (Queen Mary 2) and in the powering for other vessels. In addition, numerous LM engines are used as power generators for energy and oil & gas applications. Interesting fact – In 2004 GE Aviation’s Composite Fan blade GE90 was put on display in New York Museum of Modern Art in Architecture and Design collection.

Working for Aviation is a challenging task but GE engineers have proved that it is able to meet all tough requirements and deliver world-class designs.

  • 02/24/2017Power and Energy Connections engineers celebrate Science & Technology Week 2017 Through the whole week Power and Energy Connections teams at EDC have attended the Science & Technology Week. The agenda was packed with interesting technical events, some of which were open to all EDC employees. In addition, on Wednesday, February 22nd the Distributed Power team met to celebrate the last year's most outstanding achievements and to award the best engineers during an Engineering Recognition Day. One of the leading topics of...more >>
  • 02/03/2017EDC Engineer wins the bronze at 34th FAI World Gliding Championships Łukasz Grabowski from GE Aviation at EDC took the 3rd place at 34th FAI World Gliding Championships, in 15 meter class gliders. The competition was held in Benalla, Australia from January 8th till 22nd. Despite the demanding competition of other 37 participants from 21 countries, Łukasz managed to stand on the podium, winning the bronze. The weather allowed for 6 flying days, the races ranged up to 550 kilometers.   “At the very end of...more >>
  • 01/26/2017Polish Government and GE inaugurate 25 years of GE in Poland today at EDC On January 26th Engineering Design Center hosted a meeting between Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Development and John G. Rice, Vice Chairman of GE. The highlight of the meeting was the official signing of “The Memorandum of Understanding” between the Polish Government and GE which is an agreement on strategic cooperation in the fields of energy and aviation. The signing acts as a confirmation of will of...more >>
  • 01/26/2017Gas Turbine Center celebrates its 1st anniversary during GE Power Industry and Science Summit On January 24th GE Power at EDC organized the Industry and Science Summit to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Gas Turbine Center. The event also coincided with the 10th anniversary of GE Power’s presence at EDC, and 25 years of GE in Poland. The conference gathered many distinguished guests from GE, its customers and the science world. After the short introduction made by Witold Wiśniowski (Director of the Institute of Aviation) and Marian...more >>
  • 01/16/201710th Conference Fatigue of Aircraft Structures open for EDC engineers EDC engineers attended the 10th Conference Fatigue of Aircraft Structures, organized on May 12-13th by the Institute of Aviation’s Materials and Structures Research Center. The topics raised at the conference were very interesting for our engineers, especially those dealing with materials and structures issues on the daily basis. The topics of the conference covered most of the matters related to fatigue of materials and aircraft structures, e...more >>