EDC Aviation – GE design office – concentrates its efforts on delivering reliable and competitive product such as jet engines, helicopter engines, marine engines, as well as stationary engines. People at EDC come from a variety of best Polish and foreign technical universities and have been chosen during a thorough and carefully planned recruitment process.

EDC is a design center – we work on new ideas which are later on implemented into engine. When the design has been approved we overview introduction to manufacturing and take responsibility for the quality of the parts made by different vendors all over the world. Moreover, we take care of test planning and oversee when the engine is already running during the test. Our final responsibilities include monitoring the engine fleet behavior to deliver a reliable product for the global economy.

We are currently involved in all commercial product development carried out by GE Aviation. Our involvement starts with very large engines like world highest thrust GE90-115B, through CFM56 which is currently world most popular flown engine family ending with latest HF120 business engine developed in cooperation with HONDA.

Those engines not only power world biggest aircraft A380 but also are being used in a rescue helicopters all over the world.

Working within Aviation gives us the opportunity to contribute to non-flying GE Aviation engines called Land Marine (LM). Many of those have been used on big cruise ships (Queen Mary 2) and in the powering for other vessels. In addition, numerous LM engines are used as power generators for energy and oil & gas applications. Interesting fact – In 2004 GE Aviation’s Composite Fan blade GE90 was put on display in New York Museum of Modern Art in Architecture and Design collection.

Working for Aviation is a challenging task but GE engineers have proved that it is able to meet all tough requirements and deliver world-class designs.

  • 04/14/2017EDC engineers attended the Additive Summit on April 11th-12th On April 11th and 12th the first Additive Summit was organized on EDC premises. The two days were packed with fresh knowledge on additive manufacturing – the leading topic of today’s engineering. More than 300 EDC engineers from all businesses and over 30 guests from other GE sites who came to EDC to teach and to be taught met together during presentations, discussions, networking sessions and team workshops. The first day involved the lecture...more >>
  • 04/06/2017EDC celebrated the first ever Digital Day on April 5th On Wednesday, April 5th Engineering Design Center organized the Digital Day 2017 open house event. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our site every GE business present at EDC (Aviation, Power, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Additive, and Digital) had its own exhibition. Every employee could drop by to meet and talk to their representatives – engineers digitalizing the industrial world – and see how GE and EDC have switched onto the digita...more >>
  • 04/04/2017XII Polish Sudoku Championship & XXI Math Brainteasers Championship On 1st and 2nd of April GE Volunteers took part in 12th Polish Sudoku Championship and 21st Brainteasers Championship. EDC actively promotes interest in science and this is the reason why we decided to participate in this event for the fifth time. Our volunteers supported the championship’s organizer, the SFINKS Foundation, preparing materials and checking the teasers. This year we decided to reward 8 winners with the best results to encourage al...more >>
  • 04/03/201723 women joined the EDC Academy On Saturday, April 1st Engineering Design Center hosted 23 female students from Polish technical universities. Together with EDC’s representatives they spent a day developing their skills during dedicated training sessions related to self-presentation, preparing for a job interview and recruitment process. It was the first in the series of Women in Engineering: EDC Academy events.   During the next meetings the attendants will have a c...more >>
  • 03/24/2017Aviation celebrated ERD awards ceremony and Engineering Week Wednesday, March 22nd marked the global Engineering Recognition Day celebrations. The local event for the Engineering Design Center took place in the nearby Sangate Hotel’s conference room, where all Aviation Engineers gathered to summarize year 2016 during an award ceremony, and meet for early lunch afterwards. The Buzz video warmed up the audience, followed by GE Aviation Accomplishments movie which highlighted the whole business’s achieveme...more >>